Alien cyoa

Alien cyoa

Click to Create Account. Login to FJ. Click to Login. Log in with Gmail. Adjust content blocking Content Blocking. Something I made recently. Hope you like it! Tags: CYOA. Redundancy do ml ieve n and m merles. Yor, M - tgi:"' former Nations else. Only [: t: ohm Nastolgia and Cyberpunks may; my: adhesive As you regain you Power one Rims u huge unsung we Arty Cybernetics ohm. Remaining: Shortcuts: "C" opens comments.

Scroll to post? Spoiler Image. Hide Comments. First 2 3 Next. Per page: 10 10 20 40 60 80 Options asd. Symbiote Spawn,healing,electricity,durability,speed,strength, senses,burst,super eyes,shockwave Impaler tentacles,devourer,swarm Desert rat,nerve alteration,weapon that briefly mimics ratles hide and rapid regen not a weapon but a special gene that increases its survivability.

When the alien queen landed the host was the first being she foundshe quickly infcted it with her stongest Symbiote that could even take over its host however this ones will was so strong instead of controling the host there personalities fused.

While the host agreed to find other hosts he also forced a compromise not to eradicate or enslave the human race but to protect and nurture these weak beings and foster a true symbiosis between there races.

Worm CYOA All Versions

And thus the augmented known as the Symbiote King was born. He is a true terror up close when you combine all of his abilities while he lacks a true ranged attack he is fast enough to make up for it, and if weapon is as destuctive as it says it is i dont see a problem with an altered one that greatly increases survivability.

You must login to view this comment. Most choices include giving up your own control to some extent. Patchwork is not my style and i don't want worse reflexes even though the necro guy seems like a nice guy. Either that or particle beam has to be used to get through armor first so that the napalm can deal its damage properly.

Maybe i should have taken the burst. Absolute zero cannon sounds awesome but its fragile and i prefer having a build that is decently sustainable. Nerue Alteration, Weapon, Loyal. Good of the people is pretty subjective lol, but I will admit the tinker has a strange appeal.Click to Create Account.

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alien cyoa

Then you look up. The world goes black, and you can feel something strange invade your body and mind. Knowledge overwhelms you, as alien cells west your brain, your mind becom- ing one with them as they spread through your body.

Once you have chosen your new form the alien cells will take root permanently, and in a few hours you will awaken, you are not alone, There are others like you emerging all across the planet. What are you? Biological Weapons? Why were you created?

Augmentations CYOA

Speculation abounds, but no answers. All you know is that you have become one of a small number of true apex predators on a planet full of prey.

Tn mimic a specific individual, you must consume a sample of their we Supple: your heals risen entirely in 5 minutes instead or 24 hours Defenses i must in extra '. VIALS you have no specist abilities or drawbacks. I' EL. When using Telepathy on a willing target, you share their senses mm. Directly attack the mind oi a target within lap yards, confusing them. Receive mended ii using and limbs, or ones.

Elam Upgrade ti you can to detect nearby electrical impulses, allowing you to anticipate enemy movements and find hidden devices The extra cost is Incurred only on the base item. Upgrades to that item are priced normally. Remaining: Shortcuts: "C" opens comments. Scroll to post? Spoiler Image. Hide Comments. First 2 3 Next. Per page: 10 10 20 40 60 80 Trapped aboard a huge alien spaceship, you wander the corridors and meet weird aliens for all eternity, endlessly seeking a utopia you can never reach.

Kind of heavy stuff for a s Choose Your Own Adventure book. But it was real — and you could only win by cheating! I'd come home from the library with stacks of them.

I actually started with TSR's Endless Quest books Revenge of the Rainbow Dragonswhich I acquired an old copy of recently, and let me just tell you, these things do not hold up 25 years later.

Authors and publishers managed to push the innovative, non-linear story format of Choose Your Adventure in a lot of interesting directions before the fad fizzled. Some books featured math challenges, the resolution of which would direct you to the correct page. But one book always stood out to me, an unsettling little tale with countless unhappy endings and one really excellent ending that you could never reach. That book was Inside UFO It's written in the 2nd person, which is typical of the series.

The protagonist "you" is given no personality or background — in the illustrations, "you" appears as a generic white male teenager. We can assume some degree affluence, as the story begins aboard the Concorde, flying from New York to London.

When the plane reaches the exact coordinates mentioned in the title, a cigar-shaped craft appears and "you" are teleported aboard. It's probably the last time you'll ever see your family, or Earth for that matter.

Aboard the Rakma, you meet aliens called the UT-Y. They've been cruising the galaxy for thousands of years searching for an idyllic, utopian planet called Ultima. They can do this because no one on the Rakma ages.

From there, you are free to wander the halls, meeting other Earth-folk who've been kidnapped from different eras, along with some cartoony aliens with strange powers. The book makes you feel unsettled fairly quickly, because your goal is never clear. Some storylines lead you to try to escape the ship and return to Earth.

Some of them have you seeking Ultima. Some of them have you doomed to "SOMA," an exile where you sleep for a billion years. Most of them result in bizarre space deaths that even now don't make a lot of sense.

It's the Ultima stuff that makes this book so truly weird. There are a few endings where you successfully return to Earth and are reunited with your family. But when you do this, it feels unsatisfying. I distinctly remember feeling like I'd failed, because Ultima was out there if only I could find it. So you'd do the book over again, making different choices, always getting closer to Ultima, but never reaching it.

Because there was no way to reach Ultima. It's there in the book. It's on page But no choices will get you there. You can only reach it by thumbing through the book and finding it. It even acknowledges that you had to cheat to get there.What is a CYOA?

According to Wikipediait is " It seems as though the internet took an interest in them, and some amazing people decided to make some of their own, and toss them out there for the world to enjoy! That being said, though, they have been acquired from multiple different sources, and if there isn't credit given on the images themselves, I will not be able to include any.

I don't want to accidentally credit the wrong person for making it if they didn't, and rob the true creator of what's theirs. I hope you enjoy! All buttons to the right take you to the page with the CYOA image s on it. Adventures in the New World. Choose Your Trial. Island Survival.

Wizard's Apprentice. Monster Hunter. Of Ice and Fire. Pocket Dimension. Settling Down. The Dragon King. The Village. Lost World. The Last Star. Tiny World. Urban Unease. Shape Your Fate. Beast Master. Alien Biomorph. Alien Infiltrator. Domain Master. Augmented Soldier. Back Alley Ocular Surgery.

Augmentations CYOA

Battle Mage. Evil Controller. Herald of Galactus. Midieval Adventures. Mythic Creatures. New Multiverse. Other's Gifts.Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

alien cyoa

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :.

alien cyoa

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Cosmic chaos abounds when you find that you are not an Earthling, but an alien from the planet Taiga, sent to Earth to observe. You may remain on Earth, free to make use of your ample alien powers, or set out for your home planet and the dangers that await you as an interplanetary spy. What will you do? Get A Copy. More Details Original Title.

Choose Your Own Adventure Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews.Click to Create Account. Login to FJ. Click to Login. Log in with Gmail. Adjust content blocking Content Blocking. Remaining: Shortcuts: "C" opens comments. Scroll to post? Spoiler Image.

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Hide Comments. First 2 3 Next. Per page: 10 10 20 40 60 80 Options asd. Gimme a big-ass robit ship. Interior: Worn in and comfy.

alien cyoa

Dispatching drones. The drone machine is broken. Switching to haunted mode. Switching to diplomacy mode. Welcome aboard, [insert title here]. I think he called the guys that built you Coranians found. A barbaric race of quadrapeds who had overwhelmed our systems.Our application allows users to read and collaboratively write Infinite Stories.

They are otherwise known as branching, choose-your-own-adventure, CYOA or text adventures — all collectively known as interactive fiction wiki. You can also use our tool to create very finite interactive workflows, menu prototypes and image adventures. We offer many unique features such as writing clans, image uploads, private stories, submission review, private messaging and room linking. Create an account or login to create your own stories. If you have an idea for a feature or are using the engine in a unique way, please send an email.

Teachers, we created Stories For School for use in your classroom. The Country from Hell. Fan Fiction. The Pattern. The Prophet. Reality Shift. Science Fiction. Corporate Contract. Death Song. Ground Zero. La justa galactica. Cartoon Cat. The Time Travel Story. The Captured Follower.

The million Cube. Hall of Infinite Doors. Explicit Pokemon Adventures. Blind Date. Another Monday Morning. Days in the Dorm.

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